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From Mikayla R. Prince George, BC  8/15/2015

As a life-long sufferer of frizzy, unruly hair as soon as I heard of the ' keratin treatment ' I

was extremely excited! Looking for the salon to go to online wasn't easy until I came

across ' Raigens Hair Studio ' and I proceeded to read many good things and look at many

photos of her outstanding work. Since I am not actually from Vancouver, I didn't want to

go anywhere too ' out of the way ' but as i researched their location I found it was very

close to the PNE and the bus route actually had a stop RIGHT outside the strip mall that

her studio was in. Once I made the appointment and arrived at her Studio (which was

VERY easy to find) she and her co-worker happily greeted me and Raigen began to

consult with me and view my hair immediately. We decided to go with the ' Liquid

Keratin Professional Restorative Smoothing Treatment ' which was very lengthy but VERY

VERY worth it. As a person who always viewed their hair as an eternal hassle, it seemed

unrealistic to me that ANY kind of treatment could effectively tame my ' lions mane '.

Not only did Raigen and her co-workers do a fantastic job, they got me very excited for

it with comments like " it's going to look so great! " ! not only that but I was completely

entertained and engulfed by the fun conversations I had the opportunity to participate in

while my hair was being treated - the 5 hours I spent in the salon honestly went by very

quickly and In a very exciting manner. By the time my hair was done, I couldn't believe

my eyes and I honestly wanted to cry out of sheer joy/pride because I never ever

thought my hair could be that manageable. Once they finished the treatment, I also had

a haircut done which I was also very pleased with. I told Raigen and her co-workers that

the treatment would absolutely change my life and they gave me hugs and their best

wishes! - along with some aftercare tips of course. My hair turned out better than I ever

could've imagined - no longer frizzy, but sleek, shiny, healthy-feeling, and FINALLY as far

as I could possibly get from what I had been dealing with before. All in all, I would come

back to this Studio any day of the week and I would recommend it to ANYONE out there

who is looking for a keratin treatment, or even a haircut. My treatment was about a

week ago and my hair still feels like it did when I walked out of the salon. It is SO easy to

manage and dries with no frizz. It is very very easy to style and to deal with, I couldn't

be happier. Throughout my visit, I felt absolutely taken care of, completely welcome -

and that Raigen and her co-workers knew exactly what they were doing. The time it

takes to complete my morning hair routine has been reduced dramatically which leaves

me time to do more important things - I will definitely be returning again.

From Paula Jane D. 11/15/2013

I have been going to see Raigen now for at least 4 months and I have had one keratin

treatment and a couple of cuts and blow-days. I have to say that Raigen is fabulous. She

listens to what you say and really cares about YOUR hair. If you are not happy with what

she does, she will do her best to make you happy. She loves what she does and it shows

in your haircut or whatever you wish to have done. My hair has been very silky and

manageable to take care of now since I have met Raigen. Thanks Raigen for doing such a

great job and keep up the good work.

Paula. From SJ R.  2/20/2013 She's the expert, BAR NONE, for all your hair smoothing needs. Raigen has discovered a niche market. Honest, tactful, and above all, professional. Bonus: she treats you like a girlfriend. After having Japanese Straightening to better manage my hair for the past decade, it was time to move on to a process that was less damaging. Raigen, and her website provided me with more than enough information to step up to the next division in Hair Straightening/Smoothing to Liquid Keratin. My hair is now softer, and naturally shiny. What's even better, it only cost me $40 more than my usual JS. And here I thought I was going to have to shave my head, and start from scratch. Thank you a million times, Raigen. See you in four months.
From Teresa C.  - Yelp 4/5/2013 I am an Afro-Canadian woman who was tired of fighting my very coarse hair everyday. A friend told me about keratin treatments and I researched it online. I came across the salon Hair By Raigen and decided to give it a try. Raigen is an amazing stylist that is really knowledgeable. She treated me like a friend even though it was my first appointment. My hair turned out silky and fabulous. I will be going back when this treatment needs to be redone.
From Maya B. Novato, United States - Yelp 9/17/2015 I had the Liquid Keratin Professional treatment done at Raigen's Hair Studio while on vacation this summer. Raigen and her staff were able to schedule me in the same day and did an amazing job! I left extremely pleased and pampered. The treatment has lasted over two months and I still love the way my hair looks! Raigen's Hair Studio is highly recommended.
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